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Tuesday #Teaser - Lila's Wolf by @SofiaGreyAuthor #timetravel


Marc returned an hour later, tapping quietly on the door in the signal we’d established. Two swift knocks. Pause. One more. Pause. Then another two. I threw back the bolt and practically fell upon him, needing the comfort of another person. Needing his touch. He gave a short, pleased laugh and pulled me firmly into his arms, while sliding the bolt back into place.
“It’s okay. They didn’t see me.” He draped one arm around my waist, the other across my shoulders. I felt his fingers stroking my neck and I buried my face against his throat. The intimate embrace felt strangely comfortable and it was a long moment before I realized Marc seemed equally happy with this. He dropped a soft kiss on my hair. “Lila, we need to talk.”
I snapped back to attention and wriggled free. “He was here.” My voice came out as a whisper. “Rowena brought Jared here. She wanted to know if I knew him.”
Marc’s eyes widened. He grabbed my hand and led me to sit on the bed with him. “Tell me everything.” I recounted the tale, and he listened carefully, prompting me when I hesitated. He held my hand as I spoke, his thumb brushing gently across my fingers.
“The way she said cellar,” I couldn’t hold back a shudder. “It sounded like some kind of punishment. How soon can we leave and get him out of here?”
His hand stilled on mine. “That’s where we may have a problem. I can’t be sure the signal went through. The communicator failed.”
“So that means…”
“It means we wait for the scheduled pickup in two weeks’ time.” He hesitated, and my heart plummeted to my feet. “It means we’re on our own.”

Book Title: Lila’s Wolf

Author Name: Sofia Grey

Name of series and book number in series: Out of Time series; this is book #1

Genre: Dark time-travel romantic suspense

Publisher: Taliesin Publishing

Date of Publication: 4 September 2014


The only way to save him, might be to leave him behind


When Lila Cammell is abandoned by her time-jump partner, leaving her alone in Britain in the Dark Ages, revenge is the only thing on her mind. She’d trusted Jared Grohl with her life and her heart, and bringing him to justice will be sweet.
Finding him captured and enslaved by the Saxons changes all her assumptions. Now it’s a fight for survival, but the only way to save him, might be to leave him behind.

Book links:

Amazon | AllRomance | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Goodreads | Taliesin Publishing

Author links:

Catch me blogging with Allyson Lindt at www.GeminiGirls.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6906923.Sofia_Grey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sofia.Grey.Romance.Author
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sofiagrey1/
Twitter: @SofiaGreyAuthor   https://twitter.com/SofiaGreyAuthor 
Amazon author profile page: https://www.amazon.com/author/sofiagrey
Tumblr: sofiagreynz@tumblr.com

Author bio:

Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.

Music is interwoven so tightly into my writing that I can’t untangle the two. Either I’m listening to a playlist on my iPod, have music seeping from my laptop speakers, or there’s a song playing in my head – sometimes on auto-repeat.

Check out my playlists on Pinterest


Sofia is generously offering any single ebook of her backlist internationally - please leave her a comment with your email addy so we can contact you. 

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Restless In Peaceville - #Zombies on Tour! #YA #paranormal

The zombies are coming! Restless In Peaceville is on tour, and there's a suitably cute zombie themed giveaway if you follow along on the tour by visiting my wonderful hosts listed below. And today only (1st September), Restless In Peaceville is 30% off at All Romance eBooks HERE - $3.49. Grab it quick!

Zombie Heart Pendant

Tour dates (September):

1st - Dana's YA Bookpile (interview)
3rd - Winter Bayne (Adorable Zombies)
4th - Mark of the Stars (The Appeal of Zombies)
5th - Paranormal Reads (excerpt)
5th - Literature YA Fiction (10 Things That Inspired RIP)
6th - Rachel Leigh Smith (5 Facts about Restless In Peaceville)
7th - Ryan Hill Writes (interview)
8th - Liana Brooks (How To Date A Zombie)
9th - Rise of the Slush (excerpt)
11th - Cassandra Page (excerpt)
12th - Celia Breslin (5 Songs That Inspired RIP)
14th - An Author's Quest (review)
14th - My Creative Desk (Five Research Resources)
15th - Everyday Fangirl
17th - Going from Nobody to Somebody (character interview)
17th - Kyndra Hatch (review)
18th - YA Readers America
26th - Aussie Owned and Read (interview)

#Cover Wrap #Reveal - Dead New World by Ryan Hill (@j_ryan) #zombies #YA

Check out the cover wrap for the upcoming YA zombie novel, DEAD NEW WORLD, from author Ryan Hill (THE BOOK OF BART)! October 13 zombies aren't mindless anymore.


Zombies aren’t mindless anymore.

Before the world fell into chaos, the undead existed only in the imagination. Now, more of them walk the earth than living. Zombies move about freely, while humans entomb themselves inside concrete barricades to stay alive. 

All that, while the leader of a powerful cult - known only as Reverend - becomes the next threat to the rebuilding United States. Believing zombies to be God’s latest creation, making humanity obsolete, he wants to give every man, woman, and child the chance to become one. With his combined army of humans and zombies, he may well get his wish.

Best friends Holt and Ambrose went up against the Reverend once. Holt lost a foot and a zombie bit Ambrose…though he survived the virus, only to become a human-zombie hybrid, reviled by the living and unwelcome among the dead. When the Reverend kidnaps the woman Holt loves, the race is on to save her from a fate worse than death.


I ran my hand across the wall, groping for a light switch. After a minute I found one, and pulled it down. Nothing happened. I raised my rifle, and peered through the target sight, but forgot to turn on the scope’s night vision.

Breathe easy. 

Before I could use the feature, a fluorescent light flickered once, revealing a group of zombies.

Enter to win an autographed copy of DEAD NEW WORLD on Goodreads!

Find Ryan Hill at:

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#Ebook #Sale Bonanza! #scifi #romance #PNR #YA

Wow, this is a great weekend for book lovers everywhere, with sales left, right and centre. And all of mine are in them too! If you wanted to try out one of my books, this is probably the best time to grab them. You can pick up my whole library for under $10!!

My new SciFi romance adventure Tethered is still 50% off at Breathless Press until the end of August HERE - just $2

ALL my titles are 30% off at All Romance eBooks HERE. That includes Terms & Conditions Apply (SciFi romance) and my brand new YA paranormal Restless In Peaceville.

My YA SciFi Gethyon is 50% off at Champagne Books HERE - only $1 for a fast paced adventure novel.

And lastly, my cyberpunk short story Reboot is only $0.70 at Omnilit HERE.

As always, you can still pick up Tales from the SFR Brigade (a SciFi romance anthology of eight stellar shorts) for FREE from HERE.

So you could pick up my entire backlist for less than $10. Enjoy!

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Pippa's Post

With three little monsters to cater for, the long school summer holiday in the UK usually features a lot of days out. This year we've been to several castles and watched some medieval jousting, went to an airshow at a nearby seaside resort, and spent a few days at the beach. The beach is one of our favourite places to hang out, and while the kids are crazy enough to venture into the chilly British waters, I tend to chill out in a chair and either enjoy the setting or spend a little time writing.

Embedded image permalink

I'm so lucky with where I live. While going away on actual holiday might come too expensy to do, we have plenty of options for day trips instead. We live on the edge of the historical town of Colchester, full of old building, museums and a castle. Walk half an hour one way, and you're in the town centre. Half and hour the other way and you're out in the countryside and approaching our local zoo. Drive half an hour and you're at the East Anglian coast. It's awesome.

But writing science fiction romance often means my characters don't take the standard form of summer vacation that we might currently know on Earth. While in my debut novel Keir my leading characters take an unexpected break by becoming stranded a tropical island on an alien planet (hmm, wonder where the inspiration for that came from...), my short story Terms & Conditions Apply has a variety of races taking time out on a luxury spacestation.

“Welcome to Venus Ascendant, a Public Grade space station in the Andromedan Galaxy. With our open-to-all policy, any being in the universe can find their perfect R & R, romantic getaway or dangerous liaison at our purpose built resort. The on-board empathic AI Ganesa ensures that anyone coming to Venus Ascendant will find their heart’s desire, with suites that transform from luxurious boudoirs to sunset-lit beaches to dark BDSM dungeons. So come to Venus Ascendant and find exactly what you’re looking for!”

So I'm offering one person the chance to win Terms & Conditions Apply in whatever digital format they need as a little vacation in space. Just tell me where your dream vacation would be if you could pick from any time and place in the whole universe, and leave your email addy in the format name at provider dot com to avoid the spammers. One winner will be chosen at random - no email=no prize. Sorry!

There's also a rafflecopter giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card, “Sponsored by Christina Cole Romance”. Please read the terms and conditions before entry, and good luck! To hop to the main blog post and find the other participants, just click on the image at the top of this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tethered Tour - winner!

The tour for Tethered is over and the giveaway has closed. I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the DNA necklace and $5 Breathless Press gift card as selected by rafflecopter is...

EJ Frost

Huge congrats! In the meantime, a quick reminder that Tethered is still only $2 at my publisher's website HERE until the end of August, to celebrate their fifth birthday. In less than a week my tour for Restless In Peaceville begins (though you can check out a couple of posts about it now at Karen Y Bynum's blog and at the Writer's Nest), and there'll be another giveaway to tempt you with then. Enjoy!

Karen Y Bynum 20th August Why Zombies?!
The Writer's Nest 22nd interview
Dana's YA Bookpile 1st interview
Winter Bayne 3rd Adorable Zombies – This Is Not A Typo
Mark of the Stars 4th The Appeal of Zombies
Paranormal Reads 5th Excerpt
Literature YA Fiction 5th Five things that got me writing teen zombies
Rachel Leigh Smith 6th Five Facts About RIP
Ryan Hill Writes 7th Interview
Liana Brooks 8th How to Date a Zombie
Rise of the Slush 9th Excerpt
Cassandra Page 11th excerpt
Celia Breslin 12th Ten Facts about Zombies
An Author's Quest 14th review
Everyday Fangirl 15th Two Teen Paranormal Inspirations – Why Kids TV Rocks
(Rachel Leigh Smith at mine) 16th
Going From Somebody To Nobody 17th Character interview
YA Readers America 18th Ten Things You might not know from reading the book
Aussie Owned and Read 26th interview

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Restless In Peaceville - #Release Day! #YA #zombies #paranormal

Lycaon Press
My zombies are finally here! Restless In Peaceville releases today. This one has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From arguing with muse over writing zombies, powering through NaNoWriMo last year with it, then getting a request from the full to working solidly on it for four months from start to submission. But now my adorable zombies are out in the world, waiting for you to fall in love with them like I did. You can hop over to Lindsay and Jane's Views and Reviews HERE to see their book spotlight with an excerpt, or visit the lovely Karen Y Bynum HERE for an explanation on Why The Heck Zombies?! I'll also be doing an interview about Restless In Peaceville at From The Writer's Nest HERE on the 22nd. The official tour starts on the 1st September - pop back then to find out what I'm giving away and why a scifi romance author suddenly started writing about the undead.

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Tethered Tour - Final Days #scifi #romance #giveaway

Available at... Breathless Press |
Smashwords | AReBookstrand

Amazon US | Amazon UK

So the tour for Tethered is now winding down, with just four more days to enter the giveaway for the shiny DNA necklace and gift card. Hurry! But you'll have to go visit my hosts to find out about that.

And here they are!

Cate Peace review - 3rd
Kyndra Hatch spotlight - 8th
Liza O'Connor Fears - 9th
Karen Y Bynum Succubi in spaaaaaaaace! - 10th
Liana Brooks Five SF Heroines Who Inspired Mine - 11th
Patty Hammond Creating A Universe - 12th
Celia Breslin The Making of a Kick Ass Heroine - 13th
Samantha Holt excerpt - 13th
Jessica Subject Five Facts about Tethered - 14th
Kristina Stutts A Female SF Icon - 15th
Elle Clouse quickie interview - 15th
SE Gilchrist book spotlight - 16th
Pam Mandingo spotlight and review - 17th
Cassandra Page – 18th
Anna Hackett book spotlight - 19th
Layna Pimentel – 20th
Winter Bayne – 21st
Sonya Clark – 22nd

Don't forget, as well as the giveaway, you can pick up Tethered from my publisher Breathless Press for half price during August, as part of their fifth birthday celebration! Just click on the Breathless Press link under the book cover.

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Happy Fifth Birthday to Keir

Today is a special day. Today is Keir's birthday. He's five. It's been five years since I first sat at my computer, switched on a compilation of The Rasmus, dug out a rather dark and forlorn short story about a man in a dungeon waiting to die, and started writing again. It was a huge turning point in my life. I hadn't written in years, and had hit a real low point. I wasn't sure who or what I was any more. I was proud to be a mum to three children, a wife to my adorable soulmate. But beyond wife and mother, I had lost sight of myself. It was only by writing again and discovering my passion (or rediscovering it) that I really knew what I wanted. I loved to write. It didn't matter so much to me then if it would ever be published - in fact, it was only after completing the first draft of Keir that it even crossed my mind to try getting it published. At that point it was simply enough to write.
And here am, five years later, with my eighth title about to release in just three days. Still writing. Still reeling. I never expected to be here. To be multi-published, with a handful of shiny awards and some nice reviews. Apparently I don't suck at this writing thing. :P
Where will I be in another five years? I really don't know. Maybe I'll be hitting sixteen titles. As for Keir...well, he's not available right now but I hope to have him back out to you next year, with the rest of the series to follow. If you're waiting for the same epiphany I had five years ago, I can only say this. Get writing. Now. And never give up - never surrender!

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Wonderland Party Time - #giveaway

Right now my publisher is having a Facebook party to celebrate the release of their Wonderland series of stories. Here are the details:

18 + Adults only please. Join Breathless Press authors as they celebrate. Every half hour starting at 4:30 pm Mountain Standard Time there will be author giveaways, 12 authors total. 

Ivy Bateman - 4:30-5pm (MST)
Shelli Rosewarn -5-5:30pm (MST)
Monica Schroeder - 5:30- 6pm (MST)
Gayl Taylor - 6- 6:30pm (MST)
Kelliea Ashley 6:30-7pm (MST)
Sheri Velarde 7-7:30pm (MST)
Jo March Hosted by Sheri - 7:30-8pm (MST)
Jen Bradlee - 8-8:30pm (MST)
Mia Aeon-Epsilon 8:30-9pm (MST)
Torie James 9-9:30pm (MST)
Rebekah Lewis (posting as Victoria Miller) 9:30-10pm (MST)
Brantwijn Serrah 10-10:30pm (MST)

Go HERE to join the fun!

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#Science #Fiction #Fantasy Saturday #72

Hello, and welcome to my excerpt for this week's #sffsat. I'm continuing with the opening from my upcoming August release - Restless In Peaceville - a YA paranormal novella (think Warm Bodies meets Supernatural in Louisiana). You can read the previous excerpt HERE. My MC Luke is still trying to come to terms with awakening some place he didn't expect...

Around us—well, it's a big gray hall. A really, really huge space, like an aircraft hangar kind of place, only no planes and no doors. In fact, no walls or roof either. The edges just blur into the darkness, as though none of it exists except the floor we're standing on, and I'm not even sure about that. Looking up makes me giddy. You know when you're dizzy from spinning around, and you lay down, but you feel as if you just keep on falling? That. So I don't try it again. I keep my eyes away from the endless line of other people waiting. Instead, I stare at the back of the person in front of me and try not to think about where I am and what may be going on. Because now I have a nasty suspicion about it and what might have happened. My mind scurries away from the thought. This ain't good. 

Restless In Peaceville will be available in all digital formats from Lycaon Press from the 20th August. In the meantime you can check it out on Goodreads HERE or my website HERE, or sign up to my newsletter to get the release announcement. Why not visit the others taking part in Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday by clicking the banner below.

The SFR Brigade Presents #2 - The plot thickens... #scifi #romance

Welcome to another The SFR Brigade Presents, and I'm continuing with Tethered this week. After the bewildering news that she's being assigned the role of co-delegate (read the previous snippet HERE), Tyree is getting some details about why an assassin is suddenly playing at diplomacy...

Several members of the council tsked at her insolence. G'vorek smiled, deepening the vast collection of wrinkles on his thin, seamed face. Like the other ancients, the charcoal black of his skin had faded to gray, giving him a stone-like appearance.
"Your skills are many, and you are perfect for this role," M'roc continued.
"Perhaps you should explain the situation more thoroughly," G'vorek said, his voice like layers of slate sliding over one another.
M'roc clasped her gnarled hands and threw her co-councilor an exasperated glare before looking back at Tyree. "I was about to. The Terrans are once more negotiating their centennial peace treaty with the Tier-vane."
Tyree waved a hand, dismissing the news as unimportant.
"Perhaps you'd be less indifferent if I told you there have been three assassination attempts on the co-delegates? According to tradition, once the delegates on both sides have been chosen, no others may substitute. It would be taken as a sign of deception. An attempt at trickery."

"I didn't know that," Tyree murmured, but she was more interested in the revelation about the assassination attempts. Whoever had committed those attacks couldn't have been Inc-Su. It would never have taken three tries, and all of them failures. If it had—and it would be a first in their history—was that why she was being assigned? Somehow three Inc-Su had failed, and now they were sending her?

To read more, you can click on EXCERPT or GOODREADS on the image below, or follow the buy links to read snippets or the opening pages (pssst, Breathless Press have a 50% off sale right now for the whole of August, so you can pick up Tethered for just $2!). Check out the other participants in The SFR Brigade Presents by clicking on the badge at the top of the post. Enjoy!
Available at... Breathless Press |
Smashwords | ARe | Bookstrand
Amazon US | Amazon UK